West of Corey – Big Ass Deal

west of corey (1)

Set to be released in November 2021, Big Ass Deal is a new album from Minnesota-based band, West of Corey. I’ve reviewed this group before, and one thing I immediately recognized was the powerful vocals of Stacey Squires. Her expressive voice truly represents a force of nature and pushes these songs to their limits.

Crisp, loud guitars and fresh basslines provide a husky, skeletal framework to the mix, basically amplifying what could be acoustic or lounge rock into music that could fill a stadium. However, the touching track Tears On My Sleeve dials it back a few notches, showing a quietly sentimental side. Big Ass Deal is an apt name for this album. This band brings a big sound and even when they opt for softer melodies, still hold nothing back.

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