Jasmine – Emotions


Emotions is a new single from Jasmine, a singer/songwriter who hails from a small town in Florida. Backed by dreamlike synths and a groovy, ethereal beat, Jasmine’s vocals convey passion and sincerity throughout. She’s a dynamic singer, and the genuine emotion in her voice gives the song instant credibility. Her performance is both powerful and sentimental. The mix is creative and does a great job of really bringing out her voice as she holds those notes.

Lyrically, Emotions deals with themes like heartbreak and moving beyond the games people play in relationships. The song has a very personal quality to it, like a diary entry or a letter to someone specific. Ultimately, Emotions is a solid, professional track, and its presentation is artistically unique enough to stand out.

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Apple Music https://music.apple.com/us/album/emotions/1556873738?i=1556873740