Jon Arthur Schmidt – From The Marrow

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From The Marrow is a new album from singer/songwriter, Jon Arthur Schmidt. Blended with contemporary indie undertones, the sound has a classic, 1970s quality to it, and is reminiscent of of iconic groups like Paper Lace. In fact, I’m confident that had these songs been released in 1974, some of them would have been Top 20 hits. The opening track, Library Land left a stellar impression on me and is particularly memorable. Honestly, Jon Arthur Schmidt is one of the best singers I’ve ever heard, even rivaling many of the trained gospel and R&B-tier performers I’ve reviewed. Against a backdrop of earthy, quaintly melodic guitars, his vocals are flawless. The mix has great sonic clarity, truly an audiophile’s dream. I can only imagine how pristine these recordings would sound on a high end vintage stereo system. On every level, From The Marrow is a cut above pretty much anything being released today.

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