Fires of Denmark – Relativity


Relativity is a new album from band, Fires of Denmark. Scheduled to for an official release date of November 15, 2021, the album was recorded during a week-long stay in a house that was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in Wisconsin. Ambient, intellectual and retro-futuristic, the songs on here feature some of the best analog synth sounds you’ll ever hear. These recordings are so crisp and clear, they’re like a stereophile’s dream. One of the standout tracks is It Goes On, with its ethereal melodies and dreamlike vocals. Dripping with suspense, it almost feels like it belongs in a club scene of an 80s horror movie soundtrack. My other favorite song is Start Living Outside Of Time which has well-constructed hooks, a catchy chorus and probably has the most potential to be a “hit.” The album has to be taken as a whole though to be appreciated. It offers a complex, meditative and enchanting listening experience that may even propel your mind to reach higher levels of consciousness.

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