The Orange Goodness – Flying Under The Radar Of Chaos

FLYING COVER_Photo By Bump Opera

Flying Under The Radar Of Chaos is a new album from Minneapolis-based band, The Orange Goodness. Artistic, slick and stylish, this release is like an aesthetic throwback to back when indie rock bands were still cool (and good). Minneapolis has always produced excellent bands (The Siren Six being one of my personal favorites), and this group has really perfected their grooving rock’n’roll sound.

Rhythmic guitars and creative structural arrangements keep the action lively, and the vocalist is truly a gifted singer. His delivery has its own distinctive flavor and personality, which is essential for a band like this to stand out and cultivate a memorable identity. Flying Under The Radar Of Chaos also features a plethora of genuinely killer guitar solos and riffs. There’s terrific musicianship all around on display here. Be sure and check out the video for the track, Love Life Lies, which captures precisely the aesthetic I envisioned while listening to this album.

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