Acid City Nuns – The Habit


The Habit is a new album from Acid City Nuns. Coming in with crystal clear audio and stereophonic vibes, these jams sound so smooth. Blending elements of jazz, synthwave, and hip hop, the songs have a sophisticated feel. The vocals often oscillate between dreamlike serenades and casual rapping. There’s a lot of variety, with some tracks featuring laser-like synths and aerobic workout tape pacing, while other songs are ambient, mysterious and ethereal. Still other songs incorporate pristine, classic jazz instrumentals, reminiscent of what you’d hear at a late 1970s cocktail party in New York. The music is professional, fun and occasionally romantic, with lyrics that subtly hint at underlying themes of social consciousness. Containing nearly 20 polished tracks, The Habit is an ambitious and impressively satisfying production.

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