Eddy P – Cataracts


Cataracts is a new single from Sacramento-born vocalist and rapper, Eddy P. He cites a lot of golden age hip hop legends like Tupac, Nas, and Bone Thugs as influences, and his performance actually measures up to those standards. This guy has an excellent flow and can really rap. Capable of lightning delivery and precision timing, the Bone Thugs’N’Harmony influence is readily apparent in the first few seconds of the recording. Other times he keeps the vibe cool and casual as he goads his adversaries.

Throughout the song, he makes effective use of layering to create a fully stacked, action packed mix. Cataracts with its catchy chorus, unique metaphor and musically colorful backbeat, is itself a kind of instant classic. A lot of rappers have rhyming skills, but Eddy P demonstrates that he is a genuinely talented songwriter, capable of putting together enduring hits. There’s definitely some magic there. Eddy P also offers a link where people can go and download his songs for free, here.

For more info:

Instagram: Eddyp_Ironmessage
Twitter: @IronMessage
Website: www.eddypironmessage.com