Hustle Sinista – 44 Rhythm

44 Rhythm is a new single from New Orleans-born hip hop artist, Hustle Sinista. Featuring a tight, methodical beat, this slick track really has a nice kick to it. While inconic influences like Outkast, Mystikal, UGK, Biggie and Tupac are detectable in the sound, Hustle Sinista demonstrates a distinctive style here, as he melodically integrates flavorful elements of 60s-70s pop and soul into the mix. Don’t let the laid back delivery style fool you either, there’s a lot of energy in the vocals, and the artist actually has an impressive singing voice. While he definitely has a firm handle on things in the flow department, there’s a lot more than just rhyming going on here, musically.

Currently living in Atlanta, Hustle Sinista  is clearly a highly motivated artist. He believes his strong work ethic separates him from a lot of others in the industry. The production quality is pretty impressive (especially the mix levels), so it seems the effort is paying off. Keep your eyes peeled for his next single, Everybody Hate Me, which is sure to be just as lively. The new single is slated for release sometime in the near future.

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