Shannon Burchett – Touch

Touch is a new single from Dallas-based singer-songwriter and recording artist, Shannon Burchett. Featuring robust guitar melodies and an epic orchestral ambiance, the track has already amassed nearly 10k streams on Soundcloud. Touch blends classic rock’n’roll energy with a sophisticated, sensitive sound. With the aid of a delightfully full mix, Shannon’s prodigious performance manages to convey an impressive level of emotion. The song is aptly titled, as Touch truly does activate the listener’s senses and will leave them tingling.

The release of Touch comes hot off the heels of Shannon’s recent album, Lucky. One standout single from that EP is Nirvana, a blissful, romantic jam with pop sensibilities. Nirvana has a peppy, flavorful beat and tropical vibe. It’s quite catchy and demonstrates Shannon’s ability to crack into the mainstream zeitgeist. The melodies are smooth, groovy and surprisingly complex. Shannon Burchett is obviously a skilled keyboardist and guitarist and seems to be capable of cranking out quality releases at a prolific pace. He has already carved out a small stylistic niche for himself in this industry. With the right connections, he has the potential to go pretty far.

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