Shoilee Banerjee – Green

Green is a new single from 22-year old published novelist, musician and aspiring doctor, Shoilee Banerjee. Backed by a hypnotic, colorful and highly danceable beat, Shoilee’s emotive vocals take center stage. Her opening line, “I’m out of sad songs” is the listener’s first clue that they’re in for an energetic and driven performance. Consistent with the title, the color green serves as a recurring motif throughout the song (“emeralds on my chain, the color you turn when you see him with me,” etc). Green can of course symbolize jealousy/envy, but it also represents other things like money, the beginning of something new and fresh, naivete, innocence and so on.

Ultimately, this track seems to be about moving on from a past relationship and all of the emotions that entails. The lyrical narrative is very well-crafted, as Shoilee’s writing and storytelling ability reveals itself. The listener can really visualize the situation and the characters. Shoilee’s a fine singer. Her expressive voice connects just right with the hooks, really bringing out the climactic points of the songs. Green also features some creative electronic interludes that I wasn’t expecting and which enhance the experience.

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