Joe’s Groove Huddle – Believe Me

Believe Me is a new single from German-based rock project, Joe’s Groove Huddle. The project was born out of the pandemic lockdowns, as musicians found themselves having to adapt to the inability to perform live. (Many DJs I know struggled with nearly the same dilemma). Bass-player Jochen “Joe” Kinzig decided to write songs and record them through long distance correspondence with other musicians such as Eric Castiglia (vocals), Benedikt Staud (guitars), Christian Fier (drums).

You’d never suspect that it was recorded over distance by listening to Believe Me though, because the sound is tight and organic. Seriously, these guys sound like they’ve been touring together for twenty years. The music is a hard hitting blend of Rock’n’roll, funk and metal. It’s pure action from start to finish. The vocals are charismatic and the guitars have a nice crunchy tone. There is indeed a “groovy” retro 70s-80s quality to the music, which somehow adds to the authentic feel.

One could easily enjoy this jam on the level of it being a solid, high energy rock’n’roll song. However, it actually has a little more intellectual depth and meaning. There’s a political subtext relating to the influence of lobbyists, and how we’re living in time when the critical decisions we face will greatly impact our future. Essentially, the song’s message is that people should resist the temptation to accept simple answers and instead seek out more complex and substantive solutions.

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