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BlackLight – Bass is Pumpin


Bass is Pumpin is a house track from up and coming artist “BlackLight,” who’s based out of Omaha, Nebraska. The song is a classic dance party jam, vaguely reminiscent of the golden era of early 90’s techno songs. It’s well structured and filled with hypnotic, positive energy. Finding just the right balance between repetition and musical dynamicism is difficult with a house track like this, but BlackLight manages to achieve just that by utilizing a wide variety of samples and implementing subtle adjustments in the backbeat throughout the song. BlackLight characterizes his music as being the product of his “sonic vision, kaleidoscopic vision and style.” Bass is Pumpin is a legit release by an artist that is clearly well versed in the art of creating dance music.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blacklighttrance/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/blackliteTrance
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/blacklighttrance/bass-is-pumpin-original-mix-1
Instagram: http://instagram.com/blacklightedm/

Jamit – Taeb Ecnad


In case you didn’t notice, Taeb Ecnad is “Dance Beat” spelled in reverse. This latest track from Jamit pays homage to the late King Stitt (a DJ in Jamaica.) One can detect some slight Caribbean vibes in this dance music. Taeb Ecnad combines a dreamlike space ambiance with tribal undertones, all wrapped into a crisp analog sounding mix. The laser like synths contributes to the song’s retro-futurist aesthetic. This is another solid entry from Jamit. It’s casually dreamy while retaining an engaging nightlife intensity and offers 5 full minutes of meditative dance floor goodness.

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Taeb Ecnad by jamit

Ice Creme – Stay Frosty


DJ Ice Creme is back with another cool and krispy jam. His new track Stay Frosty captures the same positive and uplifting dance music vibe as his other releases. I would describe the ambiance of this song as being similar to that of a child’s birthday party in 1991. It is fitting that the artist goes by the name of “Ice Creme,” since his music is often like an EDM version of the music that emanates from an actual ice cream truck, complete with the excited voices of the children roaring as the vehicle makes its way into their neighborhood. The elevated pitch of the song is maintained throughout, and the music has a brightness quality that could lift the mood of the most cynical among us (this reviewer included.) I really appreciate the way Ice Creme has established his own recognizably distinct and consistent sound. Stay Frosty is terrific and refreshingly free of the kind of unnecessary attitude or assertive egomania that often permeates through contemporary dance tunes. Production quality is solid, this is an all around feel good kinda song.

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