Ädept – Nothin’ Near


Nothin’ Near is a new single from Salt Lake City based producer, Adept (featuring Blue Oni Sin and Elsha.) It’s a hip hop jam, but it’s unconventional in that it creatively blends other genres. The song contains elements of synthwave and dreampop, incorporating female vocals and surreal synths into the mix. After the build up, the pacing of the beat is fast and lively, creating a very danceable experience. Adept’s rapping and lyrical delivery are on point. His voice comes through crisp and clear, and he employs a nice reverb/echo effect to contribute to the dreamy ambiance. Nothin’ Near is an energetic and poignant hip hop track that offers something a little more avant garde than the average dance/hip hop release.

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Lil Dream – Swipe Rixh 2

lil dream

Swipe Rixh 2 is a new EP from Lil Dream, an alternative hip hop artist based in the Washington DC area. Multiple producers were involved in the project, including Good Intent, Pentagrvm, Captain Crunch Beats and Moonman Johnny. Another artist known as Lil Gray also performs on the album. Swipe Rixh 2 is notable musically for its unconventional, mostly synth driven surreal beats. Thee track Out has some of the best backing music I’ve ever heard on a hip hop song. This album has a slightly eerie ambiance, but in a good way. It’s just quietly dark and hypnotic. The lyrical delivery makes good use of layering. The tone is subtle and conversational, with an underlying seriousness. Lil Dream doesn’t come off as flashy or obnoxious. He has a good flow and his voice emanates a quiet professionalism. I found this album to be very soothing, but it has enough pizazz to make you wanna jam out if you’re in the mood,

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Dick Aven – One of These Days We’ll Go Get Us One

corrected back cover

One of These Days We’ll Go Get Us One is a new album from Dick Aven, a singer/songwriter from Franklin, Tennessee. It’s a full length release, and the professional production is apparent on the first track, Do What I Say. The best way I can describe the sound is that it’s like if you blended 60′s vibes with contemporary recording quality. The music has a very organic and Earthy feel, like folk rock. There’s a bohemian element to it all but as some of the songs build they become more “full” and often transition to a kind of groovin’ funk.

I can’t stress enough how good this is. Aven describes himself as a multi-instrumentalist, and that’s an understatement. There is a plethora of different instruments on these recordings. I have no idea if he’s the one playing all of them on this album, but if you watch his youtube videos you’ll see that he can play all these instruments. He’s a great singer, too. I love it when vocalists outperform the level that’s required for a genre of music, and that’s certainly the case here. He creatively extends notes and uses his voice in ways which ordinary artists would never have thought to do, and the songs are enhanced with personality as a result of this.

There’s quite a bit of musical variety here as well. Your Love has a smooth, jazzy, aesthetic. I would almost characterize it as lounge music. The most unique song on here is Jawbone of Jack Real, a minimalist, “synth” driven instrumental that sounds like something out of a 70′s scifi film. It turns out however, that the synthlike sound is actually generated not by electronic keyboards but by jaw harps whistling. I’ve been informed that Dick Aven is some sort of expert whistler. Yes, this guy can really do it all. My favorite track on the album is probably Common Ground. It’s a pure and lovely acoustic folk jam that’s stylistically reminiscent of stuff I’ve enjoyed from artists like Jake Holmes.

One of These Days We’ll Go Get Us One is a very impressive and comprehensive release. Dick Aven is one of the most multi-talented individuals that you’ve never heard of. I’m glad I found out about this guy.

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Pistachio Gods – Cactus Juice


It’s a mystery to me why musical duo “Pistacho Gods” (hailing from Dallas and Los Angeles) have less than 200 subscribers on youtube. They deserve way more. There are a lot of bands which make quirky, humorous and entertaining music, but these guys do this shtick very well. Stylewise, they remind me a bit of the group Grand Buffet, only there’s a lot more variety to the sound here. One of their tracks Cactus Juice incorporates a plethora of differest styles. It’s like if you combined late 90′s Vitamin C beats with country, reggae hip hop and LFO. It is just a very unique blend. The music is very bright and fizzy, leaving you feel all funny inside. Cactus Juice has a very summertime vibe. I could have easily seen this jam as a hit in the summer of 1999 along side LEN’s Steal My Sunshine. It could have easily made the top 20 on Total Request Live with Carson Daly. A lot of musicians who make humorous music like this do it to compensate for a lack of skill. Pistachio Gods on the other hand, are impressive musicians. Im particular, they manage to do all kinds of different voices and characters while still performing at a top tier. The songwriting and backing music are solid as well. These guys don’t cut corners. The songs are fun and pleasant to listen to. Apparently these guys have been making music together since they attended high school, and their experience as a team is apparent to anyone listening to these well crafted tunes.


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Bird Of Paradise Sonnet By Marie Helen


Los Angeles based artist Marie Helen Abramyan is known for her poetry and songwriting. She founded the musical duo “Lyrics of Two” which won an award in 2018 at Florida Country Radio. Her poems almost always deal with things relating to nature. This particular poem was inspired by the (bird of) paradise flower, which Marie Helen became fixated on and decided to write about after she walked through her garden one day. Marie is the author of a volume of poetry titled Celebrating The Holidays And Seasons With Poetry And The Smaller Things In Nature as well as a children’s book The Tales Of The Helpful Friends And The Garden Show.

Bird Of Paradise Sonnet

Bird of Paradise, feather among leaves,

To the earthy soil I am bound and tied.

Anchored by claws of roots and weighty sheaves,

My spirit flies among the birds that glide.

My sprawled pinions verdent, tail feathers pied,

A crest of orange crowned is my disguise.

As winds breathe hope and new life, then subside,

Seeds are sown and grown right before my eyes.

My vision is centered, strong are my arms,

I feed the hungry and withstand their sting,

I greet the sunrise, and bathe in rainstorms.

Wildflowers fret and speak of blight all spring,

But Paradise shuns foreboding such plight.

Proud is my nature, I stand strongly bright.

-Marie Helen Abramyan

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Sam Xhri6 – Touch


Touch is a new single from Sam Xhri6 (pronounced Sam Chris,) an RnB singer/songwriter hailing from West Africa. He’s also a guitar player. The first thing you notice about this jam is the smooth groovin synth driven backing music, which gives the song a futuristic, lounge-like atmosphere. Sam keeps with the relatively complex beat and pushes the limits of his vocals, hitting some impressive highs. This track has a very chill ambiance. It has heavy romantic undertones but is poppin’ enough that it can be enjoyed independently of the subject matter, by those who just wish to vibe out to the music. The production quality on the track is solid. In particular the levels of the mix are right where they should be. It’s relatively minimalist musically, but the backing music is pleasing and full enough, that one is grateful the sound is obscured or drowned out. Overall this is a good authentic effort by Sam Xhri6, one which is likely to hit its target audience in the sweet spot.

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Heavy AmericA – Motor Honey (Peace)


Motor Honey (Peace) is a new track from Heavy AmericA, an alternative hard rock band out of Boston, MA. These guys definitely have some chops. Their sound reminds me of the late 80′s early 90s hard rock bands I remember growing up with, the kind that would appear on the soundtracks of cool horror movies and late night HBO action flicks. There’s nothing really “retro” or gimmicky about the song, but listening to this jam makes you remember how great it was before autotune and heavy processing became the industry standard. The song has a good clean sound, and the band members play their instruments very well. Motor Honey (Peace) is a testosterone fueld, pulsepounding adventure tune. The video visuals highlights the racing theme of the song, which I guess could be taken literally and/or metaphorically in the romantic sense. The music has a high power level, and the singer has the perfect voice for this genre of music. Singing well at this level of volume is way more difficult than most people realize, and this guy pulls it off. The performance here is very charismatic, and while this song will certainly get you pumped, there is a sentimental subtext to it that shouldn’t be overlooked.

For more info:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heavyamerica
Website: http://www.heavyamerica.us

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Jay Elle – Ease Up (Into Love)


Ease Up (Into Love) is a new single from Jay Elle, a NYC based singer, songwriter and guitar player. His style falls within the realm of adult contemporary/country pop. One thing I was really blow away by was the guitar tone on this track. It’s so crystal clear and has the perfect sparkling chime to it. It’s the first thing that hits you and really leaves an impression, like you already know the song is going to be good. The vocals are really what give this jam its pop flavor. Jay has one of those bright, summertime voices that leaves you feeling upbeat and optimistic. He also employs some nice echo and reverb, giving the track a slightly dreamier ambiance than what we’d normally associate with country. This song is definitely chartworthy, and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear it playing in a commercial during a football game or something. It’s well crafted, professional, and a top tier representation of its genre.

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Brandon James – So Emotional


Singer/songwriter Brandon James has released a music video for his recent single, So Emotional. The video is crisp and professional, with image quality on par with a television studio or indie theatrical release film. This R&B jam is ultra smooth and Brandon’s visual expressiveness matches the level of his soulful delivery. The video is mellow and not too flashy, keeping with James’ motif of substance and sincerity. It is very difficult to perform this kind of heartfelt material in front of an audience, let alone on camera. Brandon James is a true professional. The video has a light romantic narrative which intersperses with footage of James and his backing musicians performing. Both the song and the video for So Emotional radiate with class. The best part is that it just seems to come naturally for this guy.

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Mason Roberts – Shattered


Shattered is a new single from singer/songwriter Mason Roberts. The appears on his recently released EP, Bittersweet. Mason’s vocals are primarily what drive the action, and that’s a good thing because this guy can really sing. There’s no aggressive autotune or annoying processing. Mason’s voice is strong enough he probably could have even made it past the judges on American Idol. This music is too good and sincere for that though anyway. He sings in a way that’s heartfelt and emotionally expressive. The backing music is bright and full, with a somewhat uplifting ambiance (despite the title of the song.) Shattered has a certain dreamlike and surreal quality to it. The pacing is light but there’s still enough powerful energy in the song to get your pulse going. Shattered is a fine example of a professional vocalist doing his thing. I hope this jam gets some traction, cause it contains a solid performance.

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