The Orange Goodness – Flying Under The Radar Of Chaos

FLYING COVER_Photo By Bump Opera

Flying Under The Radar Of Chaos is a new album from Minneapolis-based band, The Orange Goodness. Artistic, slick and stylish, this release is like an aesthetic throwback to back when indie rock bands were still cool (and good). Minneapolis has always produced excellent bands (The Siren Six being one of my personal favorites), and this group has really perfected their grooving rock’n’roll sound.

Rhythmic guitars and creative structural arrangements keep the action lively, and the vocalist is truly a gifted singer. His delivery has its own distinctive flavor and personality, which is essential for a band like this to stand out and cultivate a memorable identity. Flying Under The Radar Of Chaos also features a plethora of genuinely killer guitar solos and riffs. There’s terrific musicianship all around on display here. Be sure and check out the video for the track, Love Life Lies, which captures precisely the aesthetic I envisioned while listening to this album.

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Fires of Denmark – Relativity


Relativity is a new album from band, Fires of Denmark. Scheduled to for an official release date of November 15, 2021, the album was recorded during a week-long stay in a house that was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in Wisconsin. Ambient, intellectual and retro-futuristic, the songs on here feature some of the best analog synth sounds you’ll ever hear. These recordings are so crisp and clear, they’re like a stereophile’s dream. One of the standout tracks is It Goes On, with its ethereal melodies and dreamlike vocals. Dripping with suspense, it almost feels like it belongs in a club scene of an 80s horror movie soundtrack. My other favorite song is Start Living Outside Of Time which has well-constructed hooks, a catchy chorus and probably has the most potential to be a “hit.” The album has to be taken as a whole though to be appreciated. It offers a complex, meditative and enchanting listening experience that may even propel your mind to reach higher levels of consciousness.

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Undermine – Frost


Frost is a new single from Austin-based band, Undermine. This song is from their just released album, As Above (which features some remarkably killer covert art by the way). A raw, organic blend of punk rock, country, and folk, Frost could best be characterized as “cowpunk.” Clocking in at less than 2 minutes, the song is short and sweet but still manages to hit you with everything its got. Unlike most contemporary punk releases, this really has a genuine punk sound. It’s noisy, boisterous and messy in all the best ways. The recording makes you feel like you’re right there in the action, at some kind of life affirming basement show that’s packed with people. These guys hold nothing back when they’re performing, and the guitars and vocals on Frost will knock your socks off.

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Steve Williams – Surrey Road (25)

Surrey Road is a new album from Melbourne-based singer-songwriter, Steve Williams. With its classic guitar rhythms and soulful vocals, this is flavorful funk rock at its finest. The stylish swagger and upbeat bluesy sound is sometimes reminiscent of that of legends like Dr John. This is most evident in the opening track, Addiction. Other jams like Shelter Me take on more of a smooth and ethereal sensibility while keeping with the groovy guitar backdrop. The title track Surrey Road has a loungy, refined and jazzy feel. Steve Williams demonstrates a lot of versatility as both a performer and songwriter. He displays an impressive level of sophistication with this thunderously release. This album is an instant contemporary classic, which actually sounds like it could be a classic from another era.

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BlazeDwnJay – Pain Songz

Pain Songz is a new single from Baton Rouge-based artist, BlazeDwnJay. Blending elements of hip hop, R&B and pop, the song’s colorfully melodic beat provides a smooth backdrop for heartfelt vocals. The powerful lyrical delivery is brimming with straightforward honesty, while retaining expressive sensitivity and romantic sentimentality. Written in the style of a love letter (or post-breakup letter), the song conveys genuine affliction in a way that’s sincere, relatable and musically satisfying. The singing is quite good. Combining dynamic, traditional vocal ability with precision hip hop timing and a confident delivery, Pain Songz maintains a fresh, danceably rhythmic appeal even while the content often contains feelings of sorrow. Pain Songz is a therapeutic, emotionally resilient, and surprisingly inspirational jam.

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The Undecideds – Oldest Story in the World


Oldest Story in the World is a new single from The Undecideds, a brother and sister musical duo based in Los Angeles. Though these artists are youthful in age and appearance, their music in clearly influenced by classic rock’n’roll styles. Incorporating soulful melodies and emotive sincerity into their sound, The Undecideds emit a level of authenticity rarely seen in contemporary mainstream pop/rock. As one might ascertain from the title, Oldest Story in the World itself puts a fresh spin on the familiar tale of heartbreak and resilience.

Groovy guitar riffs give the song a haunting, James Dean-like coolness factor, while passionate, sentimental vocals offer hints of relatable Americana flavor. Chloe has a dynamic and charismatic voice that carries the song exactly where it’s trying to go. It will genuinely pull listeners’ heartstrings. The band manages to balance professional production and recording quality with organic performances. The result of this tightrope walk is an excellent audio mix which doesn’t sacrifice artistic credibility. Oldest Story in the World is stylish, professional and 100% real.

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Rob Massard – Thousand River Sun

rob massard cover

Thousand River Sun is a new album from singer/songwriter, Rob Massard. Colorful guitars and ethereal synths give the songs a wonderfully kaleidoscopic framework. The best way to describe the music is that it’s like if you were to combine contemporary folk rock with the classic soft 60’s sound of groups like The Association and Simon and Garfunkel. There’s even a bit of piano inserted here and there. Excellent recording quality allows listeners to intimately experience every subtle detail of the guitars and vocals. The lyrics are substantive and rich with emotional narrative. Don’t let the fact that there are only 7 tracks fool you. The opening song clocks in at over 12 minutes, and most of the tunes on the album have a runtime of more than 6 minutes. Thousand River Sun is as close as you can get to a perfect release. It’s obviously well executed musically, but it also has that “intangible” artistic factor that lends itself to greatness.

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The Dead Bolts – What Gives (22)

What Gives is a new single from The Dead Bolts. This newly released song is set to appear on the band’s upcoming album Pretty And Burnt (which will be available on 11/26/21). Featuring a deep Earthy sound and guitar-driven tones, What Gives combines Americana with rock’n’roll. The mix reverberates beautifully and provides a haunting, powerful atmosphere.

Everything about this release is professional and high quality. Expressive vocals provide the song its sensitive, human side, while bright guitar melodies are responsible for the track’s euphoric energy, especially at the climactic 2/3 point of the song. The accompanying music video captures some breathtaking natural scenery, and the shots of the performers drive home the emotional “mood” of the track. Free of production gimmicks and quirks, What Gives is an all around great song.

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MNA – Diamond Dog


Diamond Dog is a new album from Maryland-based artist, MNA (Matthew Nino Azcuy). Working with a local producer known as Nemo, MNA has created a lush assortment of tracks which blend elements of hip hop, R&B, and even rock. There’s an impressive amount of musical variety in the sound. No two beats are the same. Some are jazzy, while others are futuristic and ambient. My favorite track on the album is probably Berry, which has a classic, old school early 90’s hip hop feel.

MNA proves himself to be a rather versatile performer, capable of sincere, emotionally expressive R&B crooning, and casual, charismatic rapping. He often incorporates bits of humor into his delivery, which keeps the vibe fresh and fun. He has precise timing as a rapper, as he demonstrates on another standout jam, Cream Cheese. Ultimately, Diamond Dog is an album that’s rich with substantive musical content. MNA puts on a show that’s definitely worth your time to check out.

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Frayed – Heat


Heat is a new single from east coast-based music producer, Frayed. His style combines elements of general electronic music with synthwave and chillwave. This latest track, Heat, is the lead single for Frayed’s upcoming concept album (the title of which has yet to be revealed to the public). The sound is driven by laser-like synths, backed by a faint beat. Suspenseful and darkly cinematic, this music has an edge to it. What’s impressive is how the song maintains a vigorous intensity without containing any kind of aggressive or “booming” beat in the mix.

The synths have a retro-futuristic quality. It’s almost like listening to a space opera or the climactic moments in an RPG. One can only imagine the aesthetic potential if Frayed were to put visuals to this jam. This isn’t your average chillwave song. It’s fluid and flows dreamily, but there’s plenty of electro-stimulation here as well. Frayed has his own distinctive style and is consistent with it. Heat is 21st century electronic music for the “thinking individual” who lives to delve into the abstract.

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