Peter Edwards – Invisible Storm


Invisible Storm is a new album from British based artist, Peter Edwards. The album (released on Bentley Records) is dedicated to his daughter Kaci Storm, whom he has not been able to see for the past two years. Another underlying theme relates to the artist’s struggle with depression, something which is likely to resonate with many people. As you might imagine, the songs contain a great deal of emotional depth and are quite personal, but that enhances the experience and doesn’t distract from the music for the casual listener.

The opening and title track Invisible Storm is the jewel of the album, featuring some grooving guitar sounds and touching lyrics. The song is well structured with a lot of musical complexity and interesting layering. The pacing is mellow, and almost all of the tracks make use of light and funky beats, like if one were to mix reggae and R&B slow jams. The album doesn’t feel melancholy or like a downer despite occasionally dealing with some somber subjects and complex emotions. The tone is more pleasant and flavorful. Edwards is a pretty good singer as well, and his performance is endearing as you can tell be puts his heart and soul into the delivery of each lyric. His vocals in Ain’t That a Shame are probably the smoothest on the recording. Oddly, my favorite song on this release is Doggie Paddle, which is incredibly catchy and has a lot of potential if it were to go viral somehow. All in all, you get your money’s worth with this album because there’s plenty of content here and all of it has the sort of personal touch you can’t really put a price on.

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