Dirty Diamondz – Raw Talent Volume 1


Raw Talent Volume 1 is a new album released by two French producers based in London. The album features a plethora of artists from all over the world. With performers from over 6 different countries, this is truly a global musical endeavor. The whole project seems well organized and has been building momentum for quite a while.

The beats are darkly ambient and quite futuristic, taking hip hop in a more advanced and somewhat innovative direction. Raw Talent is an apt title for this collection, as most of the songs capture the gritty spirit of the urban nightlife. Tracks like Metroboy’s Energy combine elements of retro synth, meditative vocals and urban vibes. The production quality on the album is impressive in that it manages to maintain a sense of cohesion, while pulling together a variety of artists and styles from a wide range of countries. Raw Talent Volume 1 bridges the minimalist with the maximalist and the fast paced with the slow. A good example is DroCole’s If You Know Me, which features a groovin backbeat. DroCole’s quick and constant delivery has a hypnotic quality which meshes well with the album’s broader framework. The overall spirit of the album is definitely on the serious, more cerebral side. These aren’t goofy summertime songs about picnics, super soakers and lemonade, though you could still boogie down to these jams if they happened to spin at a late night pool party, especially the tropical Treat You Right, performed by Don f6

Dirty Diamondz certainly delivers with this compilation. It’s avant garde and thought provoking, rich with substance. The individual artists for the most part leave their egos at the door and put their best foot forward musically. Some really great quality stuff here. Keep your eyes peeled as this album should be available everywhere on June 14th. In the meantime, you can pre-save the album here.

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