Halogyns – Human Nature


Human Nature is a new EP from Halogyns, an all girl band from St George, Utah. This album is a wonderful little indie gem. The sound ranges from organic acoustic rock, at times almost neofolk to a more avant garde kind of synthwave. There are quite a few young girl bands which fall into these genres, but what’s notable here is just how good this band is and how much personality they bring to the table. The music is very well performed and arranged. This isn’t some trendy fashion statement “jam band.” I might add that some of these songs are surprisingly peppy and energetic, even wall retaining a quiet, contemplative sensitivity. My favorite song on this EP is Love Drug which sounds like an indie cross between The Cranberries and Olivia Newton John. The vocals are lovely, better than anything you’ll hear on the radio, and they really manage to leave an impression, (especially on the final track What You Want.) This band really has the potential to go far if they stick with it.

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