Sauveur Eloheem – Chill


Chill is a new album from France based rapper, Sauveur Eloheem. True to the title, this album is in fact one of the most mellow and meditative hip hop releases I’ve ever heard. The subtle pacing of the ambient backing music and Eloheem’s soft spoken delivery make for an avant garde aesthetic. This almost reminds me of advanced poetry reading or performance art narration. Sauveur’s voice is hypnotic and pleasant to the ears. I don’t speak French, so many of the lyrical content I don’t understand, but you do not have to speak French to enjoy these recordings, as more than anything they evoke a certain reflective mood. Production wise, the tracks have a warm analog quality, with L’Énergie de la Prière for example featuring some precious crackling and tape hiss. My favorite track on the album is probably La Lumière et la Vérité due to the delightfully eerie and haunting piano/synth backing music.

The presentation and content of this album is more artistic than most contemporary hip hop. It elevates the genre from simple party jams and posturing to something more highbrow. It’s almost as if it combines rap with elevator music or easy listening. The title track Chill has a warm and cozy, fireside chat vibe. This album ambient and poetic, one of the most interesting hip hop releases in recent memory.

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