Mark Winters – Strong


Strong is a new single from artist Mark Winters and set to appear on his upcoming album, Slipstream. As the title suggest, the song is motivational in nature, but not in a gimmicky way. The track is very powerful musically, and has kind of alternative pop edge to it. It slowly builds and when it fully kicks in around the 42 second mark, this jam really starts rockin.’ This guy’s not afraid to take chances with his vocal abilities, and it pays off. At times he utilizes his voice in unique ways tonally, as if it’s another instrument. This is ultimately which gives the song its character. The mix is very nice, too particularly in the chorus portions where there is a lot going on. It’s all layered and situated very effectively. This is a worthy pop song, with vaguely retro vibes. I’ve reviewed thousands of releases on here, and this performer strikes me as more memorable than most. I will remember and recognize this guy’s unique voice anywhere.

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