Maxime – The Honest Me P1


The Honest Me P1 is the latest album from Paris born artist, Maxime. This release sparkles with a minimalist mix of vocals synths and guitars. Maxime’s vocals pretty much carry the whole show, as exemplified in the opening track, Is This Love? The music tends to start off rather mellow but gradually builds and the final minute of the songs explode into an encore of emotional fullness. Other songs like Little Words utilize piano elements but follow this same structural blueprint as well. The best way I could describe his sound is that it’s like a French equivalent of the artist, Bright Eyes. Maxime really seems to pour his heart into his lyrical delivery, and his singing is good enough to hold its own prominently in the mixes. The songs are emotionally expressive, energetic and have an uplifting tone. Maxime is obviously a very talented individual, and this is a solid, sincere indie pop album.

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