The Remus Tucker Band – Come On


Come On is a new single The Remus Tucker Band, and outfit based in Denver, CO. With it’s vivaciously twangy guitars and spicy vocals, the song captures an authentic Southern rock and blues sound. It has a delightfully rural and down home feel to it, while remaining absolutely rockin.’ Remus and the band come off like veteran music professionals. You can tell just by listening that these guys have earned their chops playing at bars and clubs for years. Nothing amateur about this recording. The production is far above average for this genre, pretty much major label quality. Come On is one of those songs that entices you to get up, take chances and have an adventure. It’s like a friend trying to persuade you to go out and have a wild time while you’re moping around on the couch. The spirited energy is attractive and contagious. It’s a great Friday night “drive home from work” song and listening to it should get you in the mood for some fresh excitement.

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