Sauveur Eloheem – The Dead Tape


The Dead Tape was released in October of 2017 by a French rapper named Sauveur Eloheem, an artist whose more recent albums we’ve reviewed. In The Dead Tape, we’re treated to a more formative experience where we can see the artist developing his own trademarked style. Eloheem’s music is darkly ambient, often more resembling a quaint Vincent Price horror movie or Twilight Zone episode soundtrack than hip hop. However, it is this combination which makes the songs interestingly magnetic. While the intro, One Shot makes use of sparse, atmospheric piano, other tracks like Classe S Freestyle incorporate more of a ceremonial, tribal beat. A good way to describe this music is that it’s creepy but in an artistically beautiful way. My favorite track on the album is probably Femmes with its chime driven backing music, it just seems to sparkle a bit more than the others. Also notable is the last song on the album, KilluminĂ©, gives off deep demonic vibes that are sure to unleash fresh new entities into the world with each poolside listen. Overall, The Dead Tape is a good example of an artist coming into his own and establishing his identity which he will be recognized for.

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