HeroSoul – Virtual Prison


Virtual Prison is a new single from HeroSoul, the project of Christian hard rock and metal artist, Austin Hale. This isn’t your typical Christian rock release though. It contains elements of electronic, industrial and makes use of some futuristic vocal effects. The mix is very full and layered, giving the track a very substantive sound. The biblical references and narration are enveloped in melodic guitars and a pulsepounding backbeat. Vocals on this recording are hypnotic and easy on the ears, and the bible passages are real (such as Luke 16:22.) Wisely, HeroSoul focuses a lot of energy on making high quality music, which will make people more receptive to the message. The song would be enjoyable to listen to even if someone wasn’t religious and was just into Nu-Metal. As the title suggests, Virtual Prison relates to the troubled world of confusion we all live in, and the artist offers us one path forward toward finding peace and saving ourselves.

Production on this release is very good for an indie single. The sound is very clear and professional, as good as anything you’d hear on a prominent label. Some of the guitar work is also pretty rad. It’s very technical and epic at some parts. Metal guitarists can always seem to shred so impressively. I really don’t know how they do it. Incorporating the electronic sounds and the vocal digitization gives the song a 90’s industrial vibe, while the guitars keep it in the realm of metal/hard rock. All in all, this is a very powerful release, both musically and spiritually. This guy created a song worth listening to, so check it out and maybe his message will resonate with you. If not, it’s still a far out jam.

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