Voss Soss and L-Shadaii – Pick It Up


Pick It Up is a new single from hip hop artists Voss Soss and L-Shadaii. The two rappers’ styles complement one another well. Voss’s delivery style is mellow, low-key and hypnotic while L-Shadaii’s is quick witted and biting. It’s a crisp combo. This jam is haunting and intelligent with a leering backbeat. It’s chill, but the listener can definitely sense the underlying seriousness and suspense. Both of these talents have distinct and memorable voices, and their performances progressively increase in intensity through the duration of the song. The timing is on point, especially apparent in the more complicated lyrical portions of the track. For his part Voss Soss displays presence and a quiet charisma. This is indeed an entertaining track, which even includes an unexpected reference to David Beckham

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