FUKM – Satanic Mechanic


Satanic Mechanic is a new single from Bay Area garage/punk band, FUKM. This is an established group that has been around for over a decade, yet still maintains a fresh sound and youthful enthusiasm. The song combines elements of metal, punk and good old rock’n’roll. A good way to describe it would be if you combined heavy metal guitars with old school punk/hardcore vocals. It’s subtle, but I can even detect a hint of surf tones here and there on the periphery. There’s some really excellent guitar and bass playing on this track, much more technical and polished than what one normally expects from this genre. This demonstrates the band’s experience and professionalism, with the slick solos and razor sharp timing. Vocalist Joe Fink delivers his catchy lines with vitality and charisma. These guys aren’t your typical, “dime a dozen” hardcore band. Their music is a cut above. The video for this jam recently premiered a few days ago and features FUKM performing and basically rocking out. It’s professionally edited and looks pretty solid. You can check it out below.

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