YellaCatt – The Wild One


The Wild One is a new EP from Seattle-born artist, YellaCatt. First off, this girl can really sing and does so with style. Her vocals are like a combination of lounge, pop and alternative electronica. She delivers her lyrics with the sultry, angsty attitude of 90s alternative bands, but she clearly has superior vocal ability than many of those artists. The synth driven backing music is trippy and futuristic, with a mellow pacing and dark, brooding ambiance. This release only contains 4 songs, but you don’t need to hear much from this girl before realizing she has what it takes to go all the way to the top. Wild Horse is probably my favorite jam on here, but they are all good. Honestly, the film producers should have hired this girl to write and sing the theme to the next James Bond film. Better yet, they should just use one of the tracks from this EP.

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