Vito Storm – Vito’s Revenge


Vito’s Revenge is an EP from hip hop artist, Vito Storm. There are a couple of singles released from this EP, including War Cry and Buddalicious. This artist definitely isn’t playing around. Production is at the level of a major label. Vito Storm has a natural “star quality.” In fact, if someone heard these songs without knowning anything about the artist, one might assume it was the work of a famous pop star. The lyrics are delivered with eloquent confidence and a charismatic attitude. Oscillating between a casual coolness and cinematic intensity, the music strikes a professional balance, hitting the sweet spot. Buddalicious has a fun and instantly catchy beat, and Vito’s playful and sometimes audacious vocals will grab and hold your attention. War Cry (as you might ascertain from the title) features a bolder, and more “edge of your seat” ambiance and also features some crisp interludes from fellow hip hop performer, “Bumpy103.” The thumping bass and suspense driven, symphonic backing magnify the theatrical elements of the track. Both of these jams are super tight and ready for prime time. Keep an eye on Vito Storm, as this ambitious and entertaining artist may be going places in the hip hop world.

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