Litty Rik – Ready

litty 1

Ready is a new single from Litty Rik, an artist from the outskirts of Los Angeles, CA. This impressive and polished club/pop/R&B jam has a slick and well-produced sound, with elements of hip hop as well. The song is constructed to a very high standard, making excellent use of precision timed vocal layering. With a peppy pace and aerodynamic flow, Ready seems ripe for radio airplay. It boasts an upbeat, feel good ambiance and the snap-crackle-pop quick rhythm will induce clubgoers to dance. Litty Rik’s lyrics are witty and catchy, peppered with occasional pop culture references, (energizer bunny, etc) and he demonstrates a dynamic vocal presence. R&B is one of the most difficult genres to sing. It’s just not something you can fake, and not only is the singing on this track good, it’s performed capably at impressive speeds. The talent is there. This artist just the right people to notice, and he’ll be in business.

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