Stunna Quad – Heart On My Sleeve Stunna


Heart On My Sleeve Stunna is a new EP from artist, Stunna Quad. This soulful, R&B mini album has a smooth and melodic energy. The pacing is mellow and the vibe is chill, yet the ambiance is bursting with charisma. Thematically, much of the content conveys Stunna’s reverance for sincerity. The message promoting honesty living and openness is hinted at in titles like Real One, Cheating, and of course, even the title of the album itself. The mix does a fine job of blending in backup vocals, adding layers of complexity to the tracks which effectively lend the album an impressively sophisticated feel. Where Stunna really shines though in my opinion, is in the lyrics. He has a knack for writing relatable and catchy lyrics, rattling off a plethora of pop culture references (X-Box, Redd Foxx, etc) and memorable one liners like “working 9 to 5 got you feeling like an old lady.” Heart On My Sleeve Stunna is filled with these kinds of gems. Doin It contains probably the most straightforward “hip hop” elements in terms of beats and lyrical delivery, while Cheating is almost entirely R&B. This EP punches above it’s weight and the theme makes it an excellent item for Valentine’s Day.

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