Vetnough – The Witches

the witches

The Witches is a new single and video release from Tampa based three-piece band, Vetnough. This synth oriented indie gem is captured vividly in a neo-psychedelic visual style. Stylish and avant garde without trying too hard, the video makes excellent use of color and narrative to create a darkly kaleidoscopic viewing experience. The group’s sound reminds me a bit of one my favorite indie bands, “Magic Wands.” Ambient, hypnotic synths that build into an explosive, rock energy. I would describe both the music and video as retrofuturistic. There are elements of 80’s synthpop and contemporary darkwave. Visually, this video is a great example of what can be achieved with color manipulation and creative editing. The actual setting and props don’t even really matter, as the colorful visions of motion cast their spell on you and transport you to another dimension.

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