LA Sinclair – Won’t Let Go


Won’t Let Go is a fresh new single from California born artist, LA Sinclair. Having spent most of her time in Acapulco while growing up, she often alternates between Spanish and English language while singing. Musically, this track features a deep and ambient backing filled with synths and various intriguing sounds. The song has a dreamy, almost aquatic ambiance. LA Sinclair’s vocals are seriously entrancing as she sings about past lives and holding on to lost love. Her delivery is notable for her sentimental voice and quiet intensity. The lyrics also deal with the blurring of fantasy and reality, which juxtaposes nicely with the ethereal synth backdrop. LA Sinclair at one point invites her loved one to join her in her fantasy, giving audiences a subtly voyeuristic experience. When you listen to this track, you really do feel as though you’re right there in her dream as a tourist. Won’t Let Go is a contemplative and romantically expressive piece of music that’s sure to make a few waves.

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