Luke ATME – Cash Checks ATM

cash checks atm

Cash Checks ATM is a new single from Luke ATME, an artist from Naples, Italy. This lively party jam gets right down to brass tacks. As the title suggests, Luke ATME wants money and is not afraid to go after it. The piano driven backbeat is thrilling and lends the song a formidable and businesslike intensity. Luke ATME’s delivery is mellow paced yet confident, and his timing is impressively on point throughout. The lyrics are catchy and often surprisingly clever for a song of this style. He desires the good life and believes he deserves it, laying out his case in a very “matter of fact” way. The song incorporates cash register and ATM sound effects into the beat rather effectively. This jam is creative and Luke demonstrates an eccentric sort of charisma, which is further enhanced by his accent. Someone send this man a bitcoin.

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