TheUmutmusic – With You


With You is a new single from Turkey born artist, TheUmutmusic (also known as Umut). A seasoned veteran, Umut has been producing, writing and performing music for over a decade. Production-wise, the song is well made and has a colorful R&B sound. Umut isn’t shy about conveying emotion, as the lyrical content is passionate and romantic, something which is further emphasized by his expressive vocal delivery. An above average singing ability combines with an impressive flow, blending together elements from his background in both rap and R&B. His voice is backed by delicious synths and a mellow beat. This song is vibrant and sentimental, with a modest, underlying sensuality. This is just a straightforward, quality, mainstream friendly track which functions effectively within its target genre. The video for With You is professionally shot and features vivid forest scenery, giving the track an organic, down to Earth feel.

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