LADY CAJUN – Monster


Monster is a new single from Jackson, MS based hip hop artist, LADY CAJUN. Originally from New Orleans, LADY CAJUN has earned the informal nickname, “Beat Killer.” In this spicy jam, she delivers her lines with an assertive ferocity and showcases a charismatic vocal presence. What’s interesting about this song thematically is that it’s about how someone innocent can be transformed into a monster by the cruel and dishonest behavior of others they’ve come into contact with. It’s akin to the old saying “you created a monster” and as LADY CAJUN eloquently points out, “You reap what you sow.”

The backing music gives the track a delightfully eerie and almost Halloween-like ambiance. Production is clear and professional, without a bunch of autotune and unnecessary processing. Just a nice crisp and clean sound. Performance-wise, LADY CAJUN has an incredible sense of timing, and her lyrics flow with geometric precision. Almost anyone can randomly rattle off catchy rhymes, but from a technical standpoint this is very well done. To call her a beat killer is putting it mildly. This woman is a beat assassin. You really have to appreciate an artist who demonstrates confidence and can back it up.

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