N2BLÜ – Hurricane


Hurricane is a new single from New Orleans based band N2BLÜ. We took notice of one their previous releases back in December. Their latest effort, Hurricane, retains all the energy of EDM but is distinctive for its romantically tempestuous ambiance. Brimming with passion, the song deals with the futile attempts to salvage a failing relationship as the inevitable storm builds and approaches. Fortunately, N2BLÜ gives us some solid synth action to jam out to as we await the fallout. You can feel the pressure emanating throughout the music, which flows at a frantic yet melodically soothing pace. The vocals are powerful and filled with melodramatic metaphors. These metaphors are effective precisely for their indirect realism. When someone’s in a relationship that’s struggling, it may not seem like a big deal to outsiders, but to the person who’s actually infolved and emotionally invested, it really does feel like the waves are crashing down. So much of contemporary electronic music is just “feel good” fluff and wall to wall happiness. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it’s cool to see artists in these genres willing to explore and experiment with expression of more complex ranges emotions. Hurricane is energetic and fun enough so that it won’t depress you while you relate the subject matter to your personal experiences.

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