DJ Paula Frost – Oxygen Tank


Oxygen Tank is the debut single from DJ Paula Frost, an internationally known dance music DJ based in London. This appropriately titled jam is brimming with energizing vitality from start to finish. Featuring elaborately arrannged, futuristic beats that beam through with laser-like clarity, this music is hot. Sound quality of the recording is terrific (even by today’s standards) and would be impressive enough to make even the most discerning audiophile blush. The pace is pulsatingly quick but contains brief mellow interludes to allow dancers to occasionally catch their breath. Vintage vocal samples are peppered into the mix here and there to add some subtle retro vibes. There are so many DJs now, it seems like it would be difficult for an artist to produce something which stands out. However, Oxygen Tank demonstrates that DJ Paula Frost operates at a very high skill level. Whether you’re a dance, rave and/or drum’n’bass fan, this song is vibrantly intense and guaranteed to amp you up. The single is slated for official release on March 20th but is available to preorder.

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