Artist Spotlight: Rick Z19


Rick Z19 is an artist originally from Valdosta, GA. He describes his childhood as “hardworking.” Astonishingly, he grew up with 10 sisters, 4 brothers and was raised by his grandmother. Rick cites one of his early influences as Michael Jackson and got his start in the Egyptian Choir. These days his music is inspired by another legend, Sam Cooke. Like his musical heroes, Rick Z19’s vocals are passionate, and you can just tell he puts every ounce of emotional energy into lyrical delivery. This guy can hit all kinds of notes and makes it look much easier than it is. All that choir must have really paid off. He claims he doesn’t have any big shows lined up, but from his voice and demeanor I get the sense he would be an entertaining and charismatic performer. His upcoming release 15 Seconds of Fame will be available soon. Don’t blink, cause you won’t want to miss this.

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