God Jani – Underground Soul


Underground Soul is a new solo album from Washington DC-based artist, God Jani. This avant garde release blends elements of soul, hip hop, experimental and go-go to create an experience that is fresh and psychedelic. The backing music is unique, and songs such as Like That (ft. Tolliewood) have an almost dreamlike collage feel to them. Underground Soul defies genre stereotypes and is a fine example of what can happen if a young artist allows curiosity to broaden his tastes when growing up. God Jani is clearly an artist who’s willing to take creative chances.


These songs are very smooth and ambient, but not in the sense that they will put you to sleep. There’s a meditative vibe here that really takes you into the zone. God Jani sings well, and is something of a “jack of all trades.” His vocal delivery adapts to the different styles, tones and pacing of each song. My favorite track on the album is probably Get Me. It flows magnificently, contains excellent layering effects and the rapping is just totally on point. Underground Soul is available on Apple Music, and there’s a video for the lead single Like That, which you can check out below.

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