HOLLYWOOD is a new single from Los Angeles-based pop/folk artist OLYA K. This bright and energetic synth pop track is pure retro-futuristic electricity. There are some elements of 80’s pop (even the idealization of Hollywood glamour has a fondly nostalgic twinkle). OLYA K combines classic, quality vocals with pulsating EDM backing music. The melodic, emotional delivery and sensory intensity it represents a kind of disco-like passion.


OLYA K is a teriffic vocalist, and she doesn’t hold back. She belts out these lyrics with everything she’s got. The City of Los Angeles should consider using this song for a tourist promo. When she says “Everybody’s favorite vacation, everybody’s favorite location…Hollywood” the place sounds positively magical, and you’ll be ready to board the next plane out of Podunk and visit. Indeed, I used to live in Hollywood myself, and I quite enjoyed it. OLYA K was born in Bulgaria and there is a hint of Europop in this recording, which in my opinion greatly enhances it. HOLLYWOOD is a fantastic and fun pop jam that will put you in a good mood.

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