Takis – Schwem


Schwem is a new single from hip hop artist, Takis. This guy may not waste time on a lot of hype, but he definitely has some skills. The muic speaks for itself. He can maintain a tight flow at impressive speeds and adapts to abrupt pacing changes with ease as he raps over a surprisingly complex beat. It’s one of those quick witted beats that oscillates unpredictably and keeps you on your toes. The high degree of difficulty indicates this guy is no amateur and has a lot of street experience. The track utilizes some distinctive voice alteration processing, giving Takis’ voice a bit of a darker, supernatural edge. There isn’t a lot of flashy marketing or overblown production associated with this song. All of the focus is on skill, the substance and “meat” of the track, and it does indeed deliver in that department. Schwem is actually a pimp tight jam that’s worth checking out. You can give it a whirl in the links below.

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