Atishbaz (Mo Boucher) – Hatemonger

atishbaz (1)

Hatemonger is a new single from Indian hip hop artist, Atishbaz (Mo Boucher). After a 6 year hiatus, Mo gloriously returns to the scene with this fresh and highly anticipated jam. Mo Boucher and his associates from the crew “Thugs Unit” are rumored to be the only Urdu rappers in the entire world. This particular song is pimp tight, and I have to say is one of the most interesting hip hop releases I’ve ever heard. It blends melodic elements from traditional Indian music with hip hop and even Jamaican vibes. While some of the lyrics are in Urdu, there’s a substantial amount of English spoken (as one might ascertain from the title) as well. A few listens, and I guarantee you’ll be singing along with lyrical gems like “Hatemonger! Round the clock I be spitting hate on ya!” The vocal interplay is impressively choreographed, and the structural dynamics of the sound are solid. This jam is musically, artistically and mathematically legit. The timing makes all the difference in this type of track, and it is on point here. The guys from Thugs Unit may be the only Urdu rap game in town, but they still manage to perform at a high level. Their upcoming album is called Resurrection 040. Be sure to keep an eye out for it.

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