2millie – LAPTOP AND A MIC

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LAPTOP AND A MIC is a new full album from Miami-based hip hop artist, 2millie. Featuring 11 salubrious tracks, this release is brimming with energy and electric vitality. The beats are mostly synth driven, with an atmosphere ranging from “bright and uplifting” to edge of your seat intensity. The musical sound is very cinematic and could almost hit like EDM if this were strictly an instrumental recording.

2millie (whose moniker is a reference to a car accident he survived when he was young) delivers his rhymes with pure dedication. Vague and Ambiguous song titles like You know and Yeah I know conceal lyrics which actually go into great detail about personal pain and life struggles. His delivery style would best be described as “stream of consciousness.” As he allows his deepest thoughts to play out in his head, they are converted into the form of a rhythmic monologue for the listener to enjoy. Many of the songs express romantic sentiments, dealing honestly with subjects such as longing, conquest, jealousy and heartbreak.

There’s an element of voyeurism when one listens to this album, because we get the sense we’re overhearing messages meant for certain people specifically. It’s like listening to someone read a letter they wrote before sending it out. If there’s a consistent theme throughout LAPTOP AND A MIC, it’s one of perseverance and personal resilience, of overcoming obstacles and pushing forward.


Assuming the title of the album relates to the gear he’s working with in creating LAPTOP AND A MIC, production quality is quite good, all things considered. The mix is tight and overall the audio is ambient and non-abrasive. The title also serves as kind of metaphor for the artist’s minimalist and substantive approach. Nothing too flashy, just a guy “riding alone,” the engine of his creativity fueled by raw passion. My favorite types of indie hip hop albums are the ones that are intensely personal and sincere. This one definitely falls into that category. 2millie doesn’t attempt to emulate rap superstars or construct some cardboard, “larger than life” persona as a facade. He does not even seem preoccupied with being perceived as stylish. Rather, the focus here is on realism and facing the curves that life throws at you.

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