QTdabutcha – In the Shit


In the Shit is the debut single from Georgia-based artist, QTdabutcha. QT lays it down eloquently in this lucid and frank track, which features haunting beats and faint piano melodies. The artist offers up a pressure cooked batch of emotion, refreshing in both its honestly and expressions of angst. QTdabutcha doesn’t hold anything back as he discusses his troubles and triumphs. The song combines elements of hip hop and soulful, old school R&B. In the Shit manages to pack quite a punch for its modest 2:38 runtime. There are a number of catchy lines repeated that make this jam a quietly memorable “sleeper hit.” QT obviously has some skills in the delivery/flow deparment and above average singing chops. This is a pretty solid debut, and more importantly it establishes QTdabutcha’s distintive style, which is actually unique.

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