Brando Bogart – Shadows of the Past


Shadows of the Past is a new album from Brando Bogart, set to be released on June 1st, 2020. An interesting thing about this group is that Brando Bogart was the name of the band they played together in as children, and they’ve somehow managed to reunite the members and give it another go as adults, which is definitely something I can relate to. Shadows of the Past is a full length LP. The musical style is fairly straightforward in that it’s classic ’70s and ’80s rock influenced and easily recognizable. Let me tell you something though, these guys do it very well. They really do capture that sound accurately, as well as embody the spirit, attitude and essence of the era. In fact, one of their songs Last Time is a cover version of the Rolling Stones’ hit, and this version actually sounds better and more refined than the original. The best way to describe it would be that it’s like if you mixed The Rolling Stones with The Cars’ sound. My favorite track on here is probably They Say We Only Do It For The Ladies, mostly due to it’s lively and vibrant guitars.

These aren’t a bunch of weekend warriors reliving their childhood fantasies after a few beers. We’re talking top-tier musicianship and instrumentation. Production quality is excellent and has the “audiophilic” ’80s stero sound. The guitar tones and vocal clarity are especially worth noting. Shadows of the Past is totally professional and fulfills its artistic mission perfectly.

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