Brando Bogart – What’s the Point


What’s the Point is an upcoming EP from classic rock band Brando Bogart and is slated for release on August 1st. So far I’ve only heard the title track, but it makes enough of a statement to tell me all I need to know. Blending elements of classic rock and new wave, this music strikes me as being slightly more vocally driven and emotive than some of their other songs. The singing is phenomenal actually, and this is the kind of technically oriented genre where you can’t get away with faking it. Classic rock musicians and connoisseurs can tell immediately if you know what you’re doing, because they’re well versed in fundamentals. The guitar melodies for their part demonstrate delightful complexity, and the recording quality allows the listener to appreciate every sonic detail. Guitarists spend a lot of time and money to achieve this kind of tone, and this band just makes it look easy. While the pacing is on the modest side, this jam rocks hard.

There’s enough contemporary flare here to carry the band beyond the realm of merely a “retro” or “throwback” label, too. The more I listen to it, the more I think What’s the Point whould make a great intro song to a Party of Five style televison drama (or whatever the modern Netflix equivalent of such a program would be). Be on the lookout for the full EP when it’s released. It’s gonna be legit.

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