Majeur – Tha Ceremony


Tha Ceremony is a new EP from Cincinnati-based hip hop artist, Majeur. This release is definitely on the darker side, as the somewhat “haunted” tone correlates with the artist working through difficult experiences. At times, the songs resemble late night confessions, just an individual dealing with his emotions alone amidst a shadowy, atmospheric backdrop. Is he talking to someone who is really there or merely working out what he would say if they were?

The synth-driven beats are ambient and smooth, with voices layered to enhance the dreamlike vibe. Majeur’s delivery is hypnotic and distinctive. He frequently utilizes repetition to hammer certain mantras home. If you’re going through a rough patch in life, you might find some comfort in listening to Tha Ceremony, which is a darkly energizing and low-key inspirational mini-album.

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