Marquette King – Lose Control

lose control

Lose Control is a new single from Scottsdale-based artist, Marquette King. Originally born in Georgia, Marquette categorizes his music as “pop-hop,” a style which fuses elements of pop and hip hop. Interestingly, is well known to the public as an NFL punter, having played for the Raiders and Broncos.

This latest track is a high energy party jam, lively and vibrant from start to finish. As the title implies, the song really makes you want to let loose on the dancefloor and leave your frustrations at the front door. The beat is full and adrenaline fueled, while the vocal delivery gets the crowd pumped. The production quality is nice, too, with good clear vocals and a professional mixdown. On every level, Lose Control pushes you to shed your inhibitions and just get up and have a good time. It’s a solid pop (or pop-hop rather) song that is exactly what it advertises itself to be.

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