KING S – Dear Love


Dear Love is a recent album from Pensacola-based artist, King S. Having performed at iconic locations such as Shrine World Music Venue in New York as well as newer spots like the Urban Culture Music Festival in Augusta, Ga, King S. has clearly made his presence known. His musical style is in the realm of R&B and pop influenced by artists such as Usher, Beyonce and Aaliyah. The vibe is smooth, and to say the songs are “vocally driven” would be an understatement. In addition to him being a fabulous singer, the vocals themeselves are so dynamic as to represent instruments in their own right. His voice is powerful and doesn’t rely on gimmickry or production tricks. The backing musical alternates from elegant piano to fresh beats. It isn’t just the lyrics that are charming, the overall tone is magnetic and emotionally expressing. The pacing is versatile enough for you to dance at your own chosen speed. King S. has put together some real nice tracks here. This guy is definitely not a pretender.

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