AYAM – Piano


Piano is a new single from AYAM, an artist from Clearwater, FL. This song was actually written by her older brother. They obviously make a great team because both the backing music and the vocal performance are phenomenal. The musical backdrop (which features much more than just piano) is exquisite and even groovy at times, in a slightly retro kind of way. It has a very “elegant lounge” vibe. AYAM can absolutely sing. In addition to being solid technically, her vocals also convey emotional sincerity and contain a haunting, expressive quality that really connects with the listener on a deeper level. The song is also artistically interesting, as the “piano” in this instance serves as a metaphor for being mistreated in a relationship. “You’ve mistaken me for something you can play. I’m not your piano.” The lyrics are creative, well-written and empowering, and AYAM’s vocal delivery gives them the treatment they deserve. Piano is a terrific song at every level.

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