Jake Haze – Broken Year


Broken Year is the 4th studio album from Pennsylvania based artist, Jake Haze. Blending elements of pop, R&B and hip hop, these songs are smooth and professional. This guy clearly has some legit musical experience under his belt. The backing music is bright and colorful, even as the lyrics explore sentimental realities that aren’t always cheery. The songs often chronicle working class struggles, personal troubles and racial dynamics from the artist’s perspective. These issues are always conveyed with healing in mind as the end game. Broken Year is indeed a full album, featuring 14 distinct tracks, which Jake claims “encompass all human emotions.” One thing is for certain, there’s a real passion detected in this work. It is more heartfelt, substance oriented and expressive than what is typical of this genre. Jake’s delivery is lyrical delivery is relaxed and approachable but still serious in tone. There’s a lot of material here. Broken Year is competent musically and comprehensive in content.

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